11.17.16 Platform Updates

Below, you'll find the latest updates in Reporting, Live Session Management, and more! Please reach out to your dedicated client strategist for more information. 



Indication When Copying a Course is in Action:  When copying a course, there will now be an indicator notifying you that a course copy is being created. Once the course is copied, then the indicator will be removed from the main screen. This will confirm that the process of copying a course is in action to prevent leaving the page before the action is complete and providing feedback once the course has been copied. 



Live Session Management Redesign:  Live Session Management has a new home within LearnCore making it easier than ever to create live sessions. Within the Live Session Management, a new page will open that provides you with information about the session.  You'll also be able to see which users have enrolled, the date in which they enrolled, and mark attendance at bulk here.  This new page also features an attendee list import so you can upload a list from your preferred web-conferencing tool or internal tracker via a CSV or txt file. 



Increased Searching Options: In some places, searching could only be done if you started at the beginning of the phrase.  Now, you can begin to search with any word in the phrase.  This is especially helpful for locating groups and courses which often named in phrases.   



Reporting Updates

Course Status Displayed in Reporting: Similar to the course export, Reporting on courses will now display if the course is Published or Hidden.  This column will also be sortable which will allow you to focus on courses that are currently active.  



Raw Numbers of Learners Started and Completed in Reporting: Now, you'll see the number of learners who have started and completed a course (along with the percentage) in the Course Report.  This will provide more valuable information on how learners are progressing through their courses.  




Testing Enhancements

Set a Configurable Number of Test Attempts: With this feature, you're able to set the number of test attempts that a learner can complete on an assessment which allows you or the manager to follow up with the learner to answer questions or offer coaching for improvement. 




Increased the Size of the Text Boxes when Creating and Viewing Test Questions: This feature allows for an easier and larger view when creating or answering test questions.  




New Message Box for Pitch IQ Module : Once the Learner opens the Pitch module, there will be a pop-up displaying the goals for that particular pitch such as time, score and description.  Once the Learner clicks “Got it,” they will be able to perform their pitch and see the information in the left panel throughout the recording of the pitch.  This will help ensure learners are recognizing the goals of the pitch prior to recording and submitting.  


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