12.8.16 Platform Updates

Hello! Check out this week's product updates below. Please reach out to your dedicated client strategist with any questions. 



Increased Automation Speed: The improved automation makes bulk assignments faster than ever before! We've also added a spinner so you'll will know exactly when the action is completed.  


Status on Reminder Email Delivery in Course Creation, Step 5: To ensure proper notification to learners, a message will appear if any errors occur when sending reminder emails in order to encourage resolution and problem solving sooner rather than later. 


Users Tab in Live Session Management: Now, there is a Users tab that will display all of the users that are assigned to the course, their enrollment status, and attendance. This is a great tool for easy tracking of learner involvement in live trainings within LearnCore.



Adding Custom Metadata Fields for Your Account: With this new feature, you will be able to enter up to 5 custom fields within account management, which will allow you to include specific internal or departmental information for your users. 


Editing Metadata in User Management: With that being said, you're also able to edit the metadata within User Management as your learners move or grow within your organization. 


Column Selection in User Management Export: This new feature allows you to be able to select which fields (including the custom metadata fields) you'd like to export from User Management. You're able to pull the valuable information you need with minimal effort. 



Link to Short Answer Feedback Included in Scored Test Notification Email: To encourage learners to re-visit feedback from managers, a link routing learners directly to an admin's or manager's test feedback will be included in the email notifying learners of their final test score.


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