Course Creation, Step 6: Course Summary

Step 6 – Summary

The Summary provides you with an overview of what you’ve done to this point.  It will contain the full course info, including Title, Description and Administrator, as well as an external link.  This link can be used for sharing internally. 

The Summary will also contain a high level overview of the number of sections and lessons contained in the Learn module, the number of questions, the accolade and the passing percentage in the Test module, and the Pitch IQ passing percentage and goal.

You’ll also see the number of groups and users assigned to the course, and what status the course is in – Development, Hidden or Published.


Finally, you’ll have two options when publishing. 

Turning on the option to send a course invitation email gives you the opportunity to edit the email that is sent to the Learners that have been assigned this course.  This is an opportunity to give them information regarding the value of the course and what they’ll get out of completing it.

You can also opt to set a future publish date.  This helps creating a well-structured training path, helping Learners know what learning they’ll be taking next and following a training calendar.

Once you’ve decided on these options, you’ll be able to publish the course, preview it, or save it and return to your Dashboard.

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