10.6.16 Platform Updates

Hope you had a great week! Please check out the newest release of LearnCore features. They are divided between Admin updates and Learner updates.  Feel free to contact your Client Strategist if you have any questions.


1) User Management- Custom Permission Level 

Previously, the available permission types were restricted to Admin, Content Admin, Reporting Admin, Manager and Learner. However, you are now able to set custom permissions for as many users as you would like, based on their role/responsibilities in the platform. This allows you to customize the accessibility of your users while alleviating the need to change their permission levels when responsibilities change. If you have any questions or would like this feature enabled for your account, please contact your dedicated strategist. 


2) User Management- Sortable Columns 

Originally, users within User Management were organized by name which made it difficult to find users with a certain permission level or invite status. Now, all columns in the user table are sortable by name, email address, permission and invite status. To sort, click the column title. To reverse the sort order, click the column title again. This will be helpful when performing internal seat audits. 


3) User Management- Bulk Actions 

To send reminders, assign multiple users to a group, or remove multiple users at once, simply select the users and click the tiered button to the right side of the main screen to complete these actions in bulk. 


4) User Management- Add a User to Multiple Groups

Now, you can add a user to multiple groups all at once.  To do this, click the action item button to the far right of the user's row and use either type ahead or select from the dropdown list to start adding to groups.  


5) Improved Navigation Bar

We restructured our navigation bar to be more aligned with commonly used web applications.  We flipped the navigation bar items, merged and simplified the dropdown menu and removed unnecessary text.  


6) User Management- Deactivate Users  

Do you have users who will be gone for an extended period of time? Want to limit their access to the platform until they return but do not want to lose any of their user groups or progress? Now, you are able to move registered learners to an inactive status by de-activating their access within User Management. While deactivated, their "invite status" icon will appear as a lock.  




7) Connectivity Error Message in Pitch IQ and the Learn module 

If you or your learners have experienced a connectivity issue in the past, you will be happy to hear that we have updated our messaging in hopes to provide you with more troubleshooting steps. This new message will provide clear and tangible steps to help you identify the root cause or solve the issue entirely. 


8) Pitch IQ Management Export

We now provide an option to export admin pitch feedback and scores on the Pitch IQ Management page. This information will be available for any course with a Pitch IQ module and will be delivered in a CSV format. This will be handy when comparing learner's presentation growth and progress from earlier courses or pitches. It will also help ensure managers are providing clear and specific feedback.


9) Course Description in Export Course Table

Now, you can include course descriptions when selecting your columns for a table export. This will be helpful when sending reports to individuals that may not be familiar with the course's content.  



1) Assigned Courses Tab

The Assigned Courses tab will allow you to see all of the courses that are currently assigned to you as well as the elective courses that you have opted-in to complete. You are now able to toggle between seeing courses grouped by curriculum or a list of all of your courses, regardless of curriculum. Simply, click on the toggle on the far left hand side of the filter bar to choose the way in which you would like to display your Assigned Courses.

Sorted by Curriculum: 

Sorted by Courses: 


2) Electives Tab

Are you looking to further increase your knowledge but don’t have any action items left to complete? Head to the Electives tab and opt-in to some additional courses. Once you have opted-in to those courses, they will appear in your Assigned Courses tab.


3) Highlights Tab

To see the highest rated and most viewed Pitch IQs from your peers, simply click on the Highlights tab. You will also be able to see your most recent pitches in this tab. This is a great way to learn from your peers and find strategies to improve your next pitch.


 4) Reporting Tab

The Reporting tab, which was previously located in “My Profile,” allows you to see a high-level summary of your progress while also giving you the ability to drill down into your performance of a specific course.












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