10.06.16 Platform Updates

Happy Friday! Please check out the new features that LearnCore just released. Feel free to contact your Admin if you have any questions.


1) Assigned Courses Tab

The Assigned Courses tab will allow you to see all of the courses that are currently assigned to you as well as the elective courses that you have opted-in to complete. You are now able to toggle between seeing courses grouped by curriculum or a list of all of your courses, regardless of curriculum. Simply, click on the toggle on the far left hand side of the filter bar to choose the way in which you would like to display the Assigned Courses.

Sorted by Curriculum:



Sorted by Courses:


2) Electives Tab

Are you looking to further increase your knowledge but don’t have any action items left to complete? Head to the Electives tab and opt-in to some additional courses. Once you have opted-in to those courses, they will appear in your Active Courses tab.


3) Highlights Tab

To see the highest rated and most viewed Pitch IQs from your peers, simply click on the Highlights tab. You will also be able to see your most recent pitches in this tab. This is a great way to learn from your peers and find strategies to improve your next pitch.


4) Reporting Tab

The Reporting tab, which was previously located in “My Profile,” allows you to see a high-level summary of your progress while also giving you the ability to drill down into your performance of a specific course.


5) Improved Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar has been improved to make your Learner experience more enjoyable. We restructured the bar to be more aligned with commonly used web applications.  We flipped the items, merged and simplified the dropdown menu and removed unnecessary text. 


6) Connectivity Error Message for Pitch IQ 

If you've experienced a connectivity issue in the past, you will be happy to hear that we have updated our messaging in hopes to provide you with more troubleshooting steps. This new message will provide clear and tangible steps to help you identify the root cause or solve the issue entirely. 


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