10.21.16 Platform Updates

Happy Friday! We hope you had a great week! Let's start your weekend off right with some great platform updates! Feel free to ask your dedicated client strategist if you have any questions or would like more information. 



Notes and Bookmarks Page Redesign: To encourage more learners to revisit and re-engage with content, we redesigned the notes and bookmarks page to feature all of their personal notes, bookmarked lessons and bookmarked pitches on one page. This page also features filters to customize their view to the type, account, or curriculum to easily and quickly find a particular note or bookmark in addition to hopping back into a certain course, lesson, or pitch. 




"Review Test" Update: Now, learners are able to see all accepted answers for Text Match question types when reviewing a test. This feature gives learners the opportunity to know and understand how the same information can presented in various ways for deeper understanding and knowledge-building. 



Course Filter as an Advanced Option in Data Bank Export: Along with curriculum, group, and user filters, we've added courses as a filter option within the Advanced Options of a Data Bank export to cut down on time when reviewing or looking for learner performance data. 


View and Print Learner Certifications in Test Management: Do you want to personally give certifications to your team or add to their employee performance files? Now, an admin can view and print Learner certifications from within Test Management. 







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