Reporting Overview

LearnCore Reporting will give you immediate access to numerous metrics you can use to analyze the effectiveness of your training programs.

From a high level Account Overview, to detailed insights on individual Learners, the LearnCore Reporting feature is designed to by dynamic – meaning the more you click on, the more insights you will gain.


Types of Reports:

There are various kinds of reports you can view/pull from your LearnCore platform.    

Account Overview is an analysis of engagement and performance across your entire training landscape. This gives a high-level overview of the account and how users are performing across the published courses. 


To drill down into specific metrics, access the Reports section, and choose from the drop down menu.



Curriculum Overview will provide insights into all Curriculums within your account, or if you are a Manager, those Curriculums your team has been assigned to complete.


Course view gives you information on individual courses including total users assigned, completion data, and average Test and Pitch IQ scores.


Group insight breaks down the information by user group. This will allow you to analyze overall performance data across the different groups in your account, or that you have been assigned to as a Manager.


User option from the drop down menu will provide an overview of all users (or those as part of a group you are assigned to as a Manager) and their completion data. You can switch between Learn/Test or Pitch IQ information on each user above the table.


After choosing an option from the drop down menu, you can filter the results using the four options you see below:


As you continue to click on the fields within the Reporting tab, you can gain further insights into data such as specific Courses and each Group’s performance:


You’ll also have the ability to view the information for each Learner on a Course by Course level….


….or drill into specific performance metrics for an individual course.



You can even view each Learner’s progress through the Course content and see how much time they spent in each Section/Lesson:


At any time, you’re able to Export the table data for each Report by using the Actions tab in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Exporting the Data Bank will give you ALL account data, including historical data, while exporting the Table will give you exactly what you are seeing in an easy to read csv file (Excel).

A walkthrough is always available in case you are lost – just click on the walking man icon at any time.

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