Certification Best Practices (with Pitch IQ)

LearnCore Certification Best Practices

Goal: Develop a certification for your company’s mission, products, processes, and more.

Why is a certification important?

A Certification allows you to benchmark how your team currently stands in industry skills or company-specific knowledge in a scalable way. According to the Training Industry, “certification should be an extension of your training {because} it adds another level of accountability and validation to the investment you’ve already made in training.” Here are some additional benefits to internal certifications:

  • A consistent way to ensure training was learned and individuals met the minimum proficiency level.
  • Standardizing best practices across teams and individuals.
  • Accountability across the org to meet your high standards while also empowering them to earn more certifications.
  • As an employee’s role evolves within the organization, certifications stay with them and all departments know the proficiency of that individual.
  • Ability to keep your team on pace with a quickly changing company.


What to certify your team on:

  • Products: Current models, new products, or updated versions
  • Sales: Skills, demonstrations, methodologies and more
  • Customer Communication: Messaging, objection handling, etc.
  • Processes: Internal processes, workflows, systems proficiency etc.


How to Outline Your Certification. The number of modules is dependent on the frequency of certifications and content difficulty.

3 Course Certification: (product updates, messaging, CRM workflows)

                        Course 1: Overview and Knowledge Building

                                    Learn + Test + Pitch IQ (Optional)

                        Course 2:  Certification Initiative 1

                                    Learn + Test (Optional) + Pitch IQ

                        Course 3: Application of Certification Initiative 1

                                    Learn (Optional) + Test + Pitch IQ


5 Course Certification: (New product roll out, Objection handling, Demo Certification 

                        Course 1: Overview and Knowledge Building

                                    Learn + Test + Pitch IQ (optional)

                        Course 2: Certification Initiative 1

                                    Learn+ Test (Optional)+ Pitch IQ

                        Course 3: Certification Initiative 2

                                    Learn + Test (Optional)+ Pitch IQ

                        Course 4: Certification Initiative 3

                                    Learn + Test (Optional)+ Pitch IQ

                        Course 5: Assessment of Certification Initiatives 

                                    Learn (Optional)+ Test + Pitch IQ

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