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Single Sign-On FAQ

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a secure authentication method that connects your company’s active employee pool to LearnCore with the appropriate level of access.


Why Single Sign-On is important?

Companies typically prefer SSO because it is the easiest way to track and manage learner activity and set permission levels over time. As learners come and go from the company, SSO instantly syncs with your employee management systems and can restrict access to only those employees who are currently active. Moreover, SSO often enhances tracking and reporting. All SSO accounts require minor integration that is usually completed within one week. If SSO seems like a good fit for your organization, just give us a call.


What LearnCore needs from you to set up your Account:

  1. The e-mail domain name which is the url after the @ sign in
  2. The identity provider URL
  3. X509 Certificate


How Does Single Sign-On Work?

All SSO accounts will be given a company-specific login page just for their learners. It will follow this type of format: Learners will need to click the SSO button to create an authenticated session, which will grant them access to LearnCore. Remember, everyone in your account should have the same email domain name.


How to prepare for Single Sign On:

Prior to deploying LearnCore with SSO, Admins should:

❏ Create all categories and groups in LearnCore user management.
❏ Create at least one or more courses
❏ Assign at least one course to each of the groups
❏ Load in users manually or via .csv unique to each group
❏ Upload each .csv file into LearnCore and assign to the appropriate group
❏ Once uploaded, Learners receive an invite email with your company-specific SSO link 


Once Live:

  • No change from a normal Admin process
  • All reporting, grouping, course creation, etc. are managed within LearnCore
  • Every two months, pull a list of users that have been removed from your Active Directory and 
remove them from LearnCore. 

  • A LearnCore specialist will be available to help you along every step of the way. Be sure to ask about our hands-on approach. 

  • Still stuck? Contact our support team directly at
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