What are the Five User Permission Levels In LearnCore?

What Are The Five User Permission Levels In LearnCore?

There are five different pre-set permission levels that users can be assigned to within the LearnCore platform. While each user will be assigned a Learner view, there are additional permission settings to help manage user coursework and reporting. Below are descriptions of each permission type:


  • Admin: Complete access to the entire account including account management, user management, social management, course creation and reporting. 
  • Content Admin: Limited account access with only course creation permission.  They only have permission to create and edit courses.  All other aspects of the account are locked, including reporting.
  • Reporting Admin: Access to user management, social management, reporting, and pitch scoring for all users in the account, regardless of user group.  Does not have access to course creation/editing.
  • Manager: Limited access with only reporting and pitch scoring permission for ONE user group.  Does not have access to user management or course creation/editing. 
  • Learner: Only has access to his/her own dashboard, courses, and reporting.


There is also the ability to provide users with Custom Admin access.  This will allow you to choose the different areas of LearnCore a user has access to. Below are the different areas you can choose from:


  • User Management: can add and remove users, change permission levels, send invitation emails, activate and deactivate users, add and remove users from groups and create and manage groups and categories.
  • User Management (Limited): can send invitation and reminder emails, add and remove users from groups and create and manage groups and categories. Cannot add and remove users, change permission levels or activate and deactivate users.
  • Social Management: allows for the visibility of all social comments and threads within the platform, as well as the ability to delete comments and threads.
  • Automation: gives the user the ability to make bulk actions on course assignment and curriculum management
  • Account Management: gives access to general account details and settings, including automated email settings, custom branding, Pitch IQ scoring metric editing and mobile app push notifications
  • Course Creation: provides the user with the full ability to create courses, assign groups and publish courses for completion.
  • Test Management: gives access to Tests within the platform to view aggregate and individual scores and answers, the ability to score and provide feedback on short answer questions, and exporting of data
  • Pitch Management: will allow for the user to be added to the Admin panel for Pitch IQ scoring and feedback. Note this will give access to all Pitches submitted for the course.
  • Reporting: full accessibility to all reporting metrics across the account, as well as the bility to save and export reports.
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