Content Creation: Additional Best Practices

Additional Best Practices

Along with the above process, there are some additional functionalities and settings in the Course Creation process to be aware of:

 On the left hand side of the screen, there are 4 options under Published Course Management

  • Live Session Management lets you view the enrollment rates for an Live Training Session you’ve included in this course (if applicable)
  • Test Management will take you to where you’ll be able to view the aggregate and individual user scores for this Test, as well as the Short Answer section where you can review, score and provide feedback on Short Answers provided by Learners.
  • Pitch IQ Management will take you to the page where you can view all the Learners that have submitted their pitches, and see who has not submitted their pitch for this course.
  • Reporting will navigate you to the analysis page for this course, where you’ll be able to see the start & finished percentage, average Test score and average Pitch IQ score of the groups assigned to this course.
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