Course Creation, Step 4: Pitch IQ

Step 4 – Pitch IQ

Pitch IQ is the module that allows Learners to practice the skills and knowledge they gained through the Learn & Test modules, and allows Managers to view and provide feedback and coaching to their team. 

We start the Pitch IQ module by entering the goal of the Pitch.  This is what Learners will be reading and responding to when submitting their Pitch, so it is very important to be specific about what you’re expecting and what you will be scoring each Learner on.

Best practices: use bullet points to provide a very clear framework as to the scenario for this Pitch.  The more detail you provide, the more accurate the Learner’s Pitch will be, and the less re-taking you’ll have to ask them to do.  You have the ability to enter in 2000 characters, or approximately 300 words, however it’s better to be as succinct as possible, while still providing enough detail to the Learner.

Step 4.1 – Pitch IQ Type

On the right hand side of the first section, you’ll be entering the Pitch IQ type.  These options are very similar to the content options you have available in Step 2 – Create (see above for reference). 

Webcam – will ask Learners to use their in-built camera and microphone to record themselves and their voice.

VoiceOver – Learners will be adding commentary to a static piece of content such as a PowerPoint or PDF.  The system will access both their in-built camera and microphone.

Upload – this gives Learners the opportunity to upload a video they’ve created outside of the LearnCore platform.

Audio – this will only access a Learner’s microphone for voice recording.  This is best used to assess a Learner’s phone manner.

VoiceOver (audio only) – this works in exactly the same way as listed above, however will only access the Learner’s microphone, not their camera.

Write – provides Learners with a text box in which they’ll be writing a response to the Pitch IQ goal.  Use this for email communication assessment.

Screen Capture (webcam) – this option will ask the Learner to select a screen, browser tab or application to record, and will also access their camera and microphone to allow them to provide commentary/context.  This is best used for process and product demo purposes.

Screen Capture (audio only) – same as above, however the system will only access the Learner’s microphone and not their camera.


Note: when selecting Voice Over, an additional option will appear below where you will determine what file will be used when Learners are submitting their Pitch.  Selecting ‘No’ will enable you to upload the PDF or PowerPoint you want the Learners to present.  You will then select the appropriate file from your local drive. 

Selecting ‘Yes’ will give the Learners the opportunity to upload a file of their choice.  This is particularly beneficial when you’re asking them to select a prospective client and want to see how they would create and present a PowerPoint deck to that client.

When selecting each option, a brief description will appear below.

Finally, you’ll need to enter the target time for this Pitch IQ.  This time isn’t a hard and fast rule – if Learners go over the target time, they will still be able to record and submit their Pitch.  However, it does give Learners a rough understanding of how long they should be spending on this Pitch.  This should factor into your scoring – anyone who goes too far over or under the target time isn’t meeting your expectations.

Step 4.2 – Pitch IQ Scoring

There are two ways to score submitted pitches in LearnCore – Peer or Admin. 

By selecting Peers as the official scorer, you’re providing each Learner with the responsibility of determining whether or not the pitches submitted for this course warrant a passing score.  This is typically used for lighter courses, designed to promote collaboration and a strong culture and team environment.

For example, you could use this option when publishing a course asking everyone to name their favorite sports team and explain why they’re better than their rival.  The Peers would then use the scoring system to vote on who gave the best argument for their sports team, and that person wins a prize.


Setting the Admin as the official scorer means the Admins and Managers are responsible for determining whether or not a Learner has earned the passing score.  This is the option used most, as Managers will also be providing coaching and feedback to their Learners based on their Pitch IQ. 

Once you’ve chosen who the official scorer will be, you’ll need to enter the required passing score.  One best practice when entering a passing score is if you or a Manager determine that someone has achieved the passing score, you’re essentially saying you’d be happy for them to speak with a client exactly how they have done in the Pitch IQ.

You’ll then be able to determine how many pitches will appear on the Leaderboard once a Learner has submitted their Pitch.  Only those pitches that have achieved the passing score or higher will appear on the Leaderboard.

It is recommended you select at least the Top 15, if not all successful pitches to appear on the Leaderboard.  This is a great resource for Learners to see who was given the highest score, and view their performance, so they can learn and apply those skills to their future Pitch IQ.

Finally, on the right and side of this section, you’ll be able to determine how many peer reviews each Learner will be able to give.  These will appear on the Collaborate page once a Learner has submitted their pitch.  The number entered in this field will be the number of pitches submitted by other Learners for this course that they’ll be able to score.  It will be randomly generated from the entire group of Learners assigned to this course.

Note: this score will not affect the official score for that Learner, as long as Peers is selected as the official scorer.  Admins and Managers will still be able to view the pitches submitted by their team members, as well as score them and provide coaching and feedback, as long as they’re on the Admin panel (see below for reference).

Step 4.3 – Admin Panel

The Admin Panel determines who will be responsible for providing coaching & feedback, and providing scores to Learners who have submitted their pitch.  There are two ways to assign people to the Admin panel.

You can manually choose the panelists from the drop down menu, either by selecting them using your mouse, or typing in their name.  Note, anyone with Admin, Reporting Admin or Manager access can be added to the panel.

The second option is to automatically assign Managers to the panel.  Choosing this option means that when you’re assigning groups to complete this course in Step 5 (see below for reference), the Managers assigned to each of those groups will automatically be added to the panel.

It’s a much easier and more efficient way to ensure that Managers will be scoring and providing feedback on each pitch, especially when you have multiple groups assigned to complete the course.

You can always go back to Step 4 after assigning your groups to check the Admin panel is populated with the right Managers.  You can also manually add or remove anyone from the panel at any time.

Pitch IQ Additional Notes: Once you publish a course that includes Pitch IQ, you CANNOT change the Pitch IQ type, the official scorer or the minimum # of peer reviewers.  If you make a mistake on any of these parameters, the best option is to Hide the course, copy it and republish with the right settings.

 You can always add and remove people from the Admin panel.  Note that if you remove a panelist that has already left a review, their review will not be deleted.

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