Course Creation: Live Training (optional)

Within Step 2 of the Course Creation process titled "Learn," you are able to add a section called Live Training.  The Live Training section gives you the ability to create and prompt Learners to enroll in a webinar or live training session related to this course.  Keep in mind that LearnCore doesn’t house the session itself, but gives Learners the full details on the webinar.

It will also connect with each Learner’s calendar and copy the session URL so they’re able to be reminded to attend, and don’t have to be logged into LearnCore to access the session.

To add a Live Training session to a course, first enter the title, whether the session is required to attend by every Learner, and a description of the session.


In the top right hand corner of this window, there is a box called Enrollments.  Here, you will be able to manage the attendee list, and see who has and hasn’t enrolled in the Live Training Sessions.




Below this first section, client Add New Session to enter the additional details required.  These details include:

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Time Zone
  • Location (e.g. meeting room)
  • Webinar/Link info – this is the URL Learners will use to log in to the sessions. E.g. Webex, GoTo Meeting etc.  It will also be added to their calendar.
  • Number of seats
  • Instructor Name
  • Instructor Email

You can add multiple sessions to the Live Training section in order to ensure all Learners across your organization are benefitting from the same information.

Once you’ve finished adding the details and content to the Learn section, you can click Save and Continue at the bottom of the page to continue to Step 3 – Test.

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