iOS Mobile Application Overview

LearnCore recently introduced the iOS Mobile Application to improve the Learner experience. However, if you are new to the application and need assistance getting started, then this is the article for you. 

Who can use the iOS Mobile Application?

The iOS Mobile Application is free to all LearnCore Learners. It is a helpful application for Learners who seek convenient alternatives to complete coursework without the necessity of a computer. 

What are the use cases for the iOS Mobile Application?

1. With the Mobile Application, you are able to view and search for courses from your mobile device, similar to how you navigate through LearnCore using a laptop or computer.

2. Use the Mobile Application to understand and review content through the Learn module. 

3. Get tested on your knowledge through the Test module.

4. Put your roleplaying skills to the test with the Pitch IQ module. You will be able to record and submit Pitches, review peers' Pitches and view feedback from Managers.

5. The iOS Mobile Application will now allow you to view Pitch highlights in order to learn from your peers and improve your skills.

6. View Help articles through the ease of your iOS Mobile Application. 

7. You can submit a support ticket through the application in order to receive answers to your question. 




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