7.25.16 Platform Updates

Happy Tuesday! Check out these helpful and effective new features LearnCore just released this week for Learners. If you have any questions about the features below, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Admin or email support@learncore.com 

The Learner’s Highlights Tab: The highlights tab brings the top pitches across your LearnCore account directly to your dashboard. It features the highest rated, most viewed and most recent pitches from all of your coursework. With a simple click on the card, you’ll be taken directly to the Learner’s pitch, making it easier for you to navigate through pitches and learn from your peers.

The Learner’s Pitch IQ Leaderboard Search: Now, watching and learning from the best has become easier and more convenient with the new Leaderboard search bar. When trying to find a peer’s pitch, simply type in his or her name to quickly find their pitch on the Leaderboard.

Passing Scores Required in Pitch IQ Leaderboard: In an effort to feature highly ranked performers, the Leaderboard, will now only feature the pitches that have met or exceeded the minimum passing score. This now encourages learners to better perform or learn from top performers and best scored pitches.

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