8.9.16 Platform Updates

Happy Tuesday! Check out these helpful and effective new features LearnCore just released this week for Admins. If you have any questions about the features below, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Strategist.

Send iOS Push Notifications to Learners: Do you want Learners to receive important notifications without having to check their email or logging into the LearnCore account? Well, now you have the ability to do just that. As an admin, you are now able to send push notifications to Learners who have installed the LearnCore iOS mobile application and have allowed for push notifications. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to the LearnCore web application and login in as an admin.
  2. From the main screen navigation panel, select “Account Management.”
  3. On the left side panel within Account Management, Select “Mobile” to enter the the “Push Notifications” section.
  4. Write your custom notification in the “Message” text box. Typeahead or scroll to find and select your desired groups in the “Group” text box. Then, click “send.”

Dynamic Filters in Reporting: Reporting can be confusing when filters are static and don’t change based on other filters. However, this new feature will dynamically update the values in other filters when applying one specific filter. For example, if a course and group filter are applied, only groups assigned to that course and users within the selected group will be available in the “Users” filter. This also will increase time efficiency when building or pulling your reports.

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