Pitch IQ Connectivity, Microphone & Audio Solutions

If you have ever experienced any issues regarding internet connectivity, microphone or audio in the past, then this is your guide to ensure that those issues do not return while recording or preparing a Pitch IQ in the future. If you are still experiencing an issue after trying these steps then do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Strategist!


Connectivity Issues:

If you are receiving a "Connectivity Issue" notice before recording a Pitch IQ is something far too familiar to you, ask yourself these questions and make adjustments to get rid of this problem for good. 

1. Do you have access to a wired internet connection?
2. Is it possible that your company or your location has a firewall protection that you can use?
3. Is it possible for you to get closer to the router if you're using a wireless internet connection? 


Microphone & Audio Solutions:

For your computer, before beginning your pitch, you should check that both your webcam and audio are working by doing a system check. To do this, click the settings icon above the Flash Player. This should be a best practice before you attempt to record.



If one or the other is not working, below are troubleshooting tips:

 1.) Reboot the computer.  I know this sounds too simple but sometimes a restart does the trick.  


2.) Check to ensure the most up to date browser is being used.  The way to check this will be different within each browser but for example, Chrome announces updates via the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner.     



3.) Try a different browser.  Sometimes certain settings are set within a browser that prevents the webcam/audio from streaming. So one browser may work but another may not.


4.) Check to make sure the default camera/microphone on the device are being used within Flash Player.  Some devices only have one option for each while others have a few.  Unfortunately, it can be trial and error.  To check this, right click within the Flash Player (Ctrl + click on Mac's), prior to selecting “Allow/Deny”.  




Once in “Settings”, click the microphone icon at the bottom then click the camera icon.


     1. Select your preferred camera and click "close.


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