8.25.16 Platform Updates

Happy Monday- we hope you enjoyed your weekend!

LearnCore just released some new and exciting features.  Please read below to learn more.  If you have any questions about these features, please do not hesitate to reach out to your course Admin or email support@learncore.com.

1.) Course Overview Sidebar: LearnCore has redesigned the course overview page, making it easier for you to  navigate through a course.  This includes a fixed sidebar to help you understand what you have completed, what you have yet to go through and what to do next. This enhancement will give you an intuitive visual to monitor your course completion and help you stay on top of your progress.


2.) iOS Mobile Application: Submit a support ticket

You can now submit a support ticket straight from our iOS mobile application.  Simply click "Submit a Support Ticket" from the menubar in the upper lefthand corner of the app and ask your question straight from your iOS Mobile Application. 



Once a ticket is submitted, you will receive an email notification when the customer support team has responded.  You will then be able to see the response within the mobile app by clicking "Submit a Support Ticket" from the menubar.  Here is where you will also see a log of all the tickets you have submitted within the app.  You can click into each to see the email thread between you and the customer support team.  



3.) iOS Mobile Application: Access Help Center FAQ Articles 

In addition to submitting a support ticket, you can also access our FAQ articles by clicking "Help Center" from the menubar in the upper lefthand corner in the mobile app.



Once you are in the Help Center, select the appropriate folder in order to drill down to specific articles that relate to your issue/question.  






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