7.11.16 Platform Updates

Check out this week's product updates below. Help continue to drive adoption within your company with these scalable reminder options! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Account Strategist. 

Pitch IQ Review Notification Email: Ensure Learners are receiving feedback in a timely manner with our new Admin Panelist notification email.  Admin Panelists can now receive emails that highlight recent pitches that need their review/feedback.  The frequency can be customized (hourly, daily, weekly) and the email will include up to 5 of the newest pitches awaiting review.  There will also be a direct link to the pitch to provide prompt feedback to the Learners.  

How To Update Account-Level & Personal Pitch IQs to Review Notification Email Settings: As an Admin, you can set up how frequently admin panelists receive notifications of pitch submissions awaiting their review across the entire account to promote quick and consistent feedback for Learners. Admins are also able to update their own pitch review email notification settings within "My Profile."

Adjusting a Rolling Due Date: When changing an existing user group's rolling due date, within a course, we now will adjust the due date with the difference in rolling days instead of resetting all due dates.
For example, users in Account Management had an original due date of +10 days but now have a due date of +15 days. Instead of resetting and giving everyone +15 days from the day you made the change, the system will now add +5 days to their due date, as that is the difference in change).

Ongoing Course Invitation Emails: As users are added to a group already assigned to a published course, they will automatically receive a course invitation, alerting them of their new assignment. If a new group is added to the course after it is published, Admins can send the course invite out to the group in step 5 of the course creation process by clicking the “Actions” button to the far right of the group and selecting “Invite”.

Prioritize Active Group for All Users within a Course: Admins can now prioritize the active learner group of all users within a particular group at the course-level. In other words, the active group can be changed in bulk on the group level versus the individual level.


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