7.25.16 Platform Updates

Happy Tuesday! Check out these helpful and effective new features LearnCore just released this week for Admins. If you have any questions about the features below, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Strategist. 

The Inclusion of Pitch IQ Metrics in User Table Export: When pulling your weekly Learner reports, you can now include scoring metrics to import into your analytics or reporting application. This is in addition to the Learner’s overall Pitch IQ score.



Point Scoring System: To further clarify how a Learner’s score was calculated, particularly with weighted short answer questions, the Individual tab in Test Management now includes a Learner’s points, along with their percentage. As a reminder, the LearnCore platform rounds scores down. Example: If a Learner scores 2 out of 3, their score of 66.666666...% rounds down to an official score of 66%.


Correct or Incorrect Header Colors in Test Management: To simplify identifying correct and incorrect answers for a particular question, the header will show the color green for correct answers and red for incorrect answers. Short answer headers will appear as a dark grey to signal the need for grading by an admin.


Course Ownership Change with Permission Level Adjustment: If you update a course administrator’s user’s permission to “Learner,” all of their courses will be transferred to your Client Strategist. This is to ensure there is always a course administrator on the course.  


Connectivity Solution in “Learn” Recording: LearnCore will now check the quality of your connection before recording begins to prevent a recording failure. If you see an error message like the one below, please contact support at support@learncore.com and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

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