5.27.16 Platform Updates

We wrapped up the month with some exciting LearnCore platform updates. Please see the updates and descriptions below. Reach out to your Account Strategist should you have any questions or would like more information.

Pitch IQ Feedback Timestamps

For recorded pitches, relating feedback to specific point in time is critical. Now, the feedback you leave in Pitch IQ can be time stamped - directing your Learner to a specific moment in their response. Enable Pitch IQ Admins to add clickable time stamps in both the positive and constructive feedback boxes. Learners will have greater context of which parts of the pitch were good and which need improvement. 

To add a time stamp, click the Add Time button next to the feedback type. This will pause the video and allows you to write down your thoughts without missing anything. If you want to insert a time stamp into the middle of your existing feedback, type "\time" and a time stamp will be inserted. 

When you've finished giving feedback, score the video with the sliders and click Submit

Apple iOS Application Audio-Only Pitches

Learners can now create audio-only and audio-only voice-over pitches on their iPhones and iPads with the LearnCore iOS App

Type-Ahead Drop Down Fields  

To help make dropdown fields easier to use, we've converted many of them to typeahead. This should help to make it easier to find the course, group, or user you are looking for. 

Data Bank Export Improvements

The full data bank export in Reporting now includes assigned date and due date. 

Thank you!

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