4.25.16 Platform Updates

This week, we are excited to present you with a number of valuable product updates! Please see the details below. Feel free to reach out to your dedicated Account Strategist if you have questions or would like more information.

Extended Course Tiles

We have upped the character count of course tiles to 100. Feel free to spin up courses with comprehensive course tiles. No more abbreviating course names to fit the character count.  

Bulk Exam Question Upload

You are now able to bulk upload test questions in Step 3 of Course Creation. To do so, download the question upload .csv template, populate the needed information, and upload into the platform to bulk create. This should help save you time in rolling out tests and surveys to your teams. 

Pitch Statistics

Pitch IQ statistic parity is now built out in the new Reporting Dashboard. View user Pitch IQ metrics with our new visual reporting graph. 

Certificate Customization & Preview

Certificates can now be customized in Step 3 of Course Creation. When enabling, you will see a pop-up to customize the body text of the certification. The certification will pull in the custom text, course accolade, and account logo (if applicable) to send out to your Learners. You can now preview the certification before sending out.

Pitch Review Submit Button

We want to make Pitch IQ Reviews easy for Managers and Admins alike. Our updated design will allow you to more easily tell which reviews are pending and highlight if and when the review has been submitted. 

Test Management Improvements

In Test Management, you can now short answer reviews by group (as well as all in the course). We will also no longer send scoring and certification emails when a graded course or course group is hidden. Set up the scoring and test features the way you want with these additional custom options. 


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