How Can I Tailor the Pitch IQ Rubric to Fit My Business Needs?

We offer five key elements for assessment in our Pitch IQ grading rubrics. Grading rubrics can only be changed at the account level - allowing you to see your Learners' improvements and progress over time... and many Pitch IQs. Below are some ways you can structure your rubric to best fit your business needs: 

Example Rubric #1

  • Clarity – explain the information in a manner that is clear, concise, and easily understood
  • Knowledge – demonstrate total knowledge on the product or service being presented
  • Confidence – show that you are comfortable proving the product/service/solution is the best and be able to boldly communicate it
  • Enthusiasm - demonstrate a passion for the product/service/solution with a positive tone and inviting attitude 
  • Goal Achieved – present in a way that would land a next step with the client and lead to the end business goal.

Example Rubric #2

  • Rapport – Did you build a relationship with the client? Did you establish credibility?
  • Business Need – Are you executing the needed business need? Have you identified their business need? Are you making the right ask?
  • Knowledge – Are you knowledgeable on the product offerings or services? Can you clearly articulate to client?
  • Next Step – Did you set up a next meeting? What is your next step in the process? Did you achieve your goal?
  • Engagement– Were you engaging to the client? Were you asking enough questions? Did you draw your audience in?



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