1.20.16 Platform Updates

We have some exciting LearnCore additions coming your way by end of the week! Please see this week's platform updates below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Strategist.

Course Recommendation Pop-Up: After your Learner completes their coursework, they will now receive a next course recommendation. This prevents your Learner from having to go back to the home page to continue with their coursework. Instead, the next course is presented right to the Learner upon completion - making it easy for them to continue to navigate through their assigned courses. Recommended courses include: post requisite courses the Learner unlocked by completing the course, incomplete courses in the same curriculum, and most overdue courses in the account. 

Weekly Learner Email - Each week, LearnCore will send an activity update to your Learners to help keep them engaged in their training courses. The update will include priority coursework, outstanding peer reviews, and a recap of activity from the week prior. Learner weekly email will be off as default - and Learners can opt in to receive updates. Information on how to opt-in coming soon! 

Reporting Export Table - You can now export the Reporting tables on almost all Reporting pages within LearnCore. You even have the ability to choose which columns from the table you want to export. This gives you the ability to export exactly what you see. It not only saves you time but gives you the ability to customize your reports. To do so, click the "Export Table' button on the left hand side. Then choose the columns you want to include. You will receive an email from support@learncore.com with the CSV file attached.

Note: UUID stands for "Universally Unique Identifier". If you are not setup with our Reporting API, you will not need to check this box. For more information on our Reporting API, please reach out to your Account Strategist. 



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