12.28.15 Product Updates

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Below you will find our final product update of 2015. As always, please reach out to your Account Strategist for more details. 

Curriculum Folder Order

Account Admins can now set the sort order of their Curriculums in the Admin Dashboard. To do so, select "Edit Curriculum Order" from the Dashboard sort dropdown. Drag and drop to set the desired order and set the learning path. The order set will affect how the Curriculums will appear on the Learner application as well. The Learners will not be able to change the order. 

Test Management Export

You are now able to export test results. To do so, click "Export Test Management" while in Test Management and a .csv file will be sent to you. The .csv file will include the users assigned to the course, user assigned group, a list of the test/survey questions, and user answers. 

Share Pitch to Salesforce Chatter

Share LearnCore pitches in Salesforce Chatter - call out top performers for each course and deliver just-in-time learnings. While reviewing pitches in Pitch Management, select "Share to Salesforce..." from the Actions drop down to begin sharing. This will require our LearnCore Salesforce native app to be installed in your Salesforce environment in order to work. Contact your Account Strategist for more details. 

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