My Documents Look Funny!

Background: If a font cannot be retrieved through a firewall, each browser designates a backup. Most times that backup works great and you probably don't even notice the difference, but sometimes, especially in highly formatted documents, the font fail-over makes things look weird. If this is happening to you, take these steps to troubleshoot: 
General Symptom - 
- Application fonts don't look right (Show as San-Sarif--look for the tails on the letters)
- Document fonts shown in LearnCore aren't same or remotely close to the original
- Document font show in LearnCore bleed outside their defined formatted area
- Document in LearnCore works well in some browsers, but not in IE
- Customer works has a very secure firewall (possibly regulated industry ex: finance, insurance, oil, healthcare, etc)
Easiest solution:
 - Use Chrome, or FireFox -- The rest of your digital life will appreciate it too.
I have to use IE - any suggestions? 
 - Solution: Turn on custom fonts
 - Internet Options > Security Tab > Click button for Custom Security > Scroll through until "Custom Fonts" > click Enable. Refresh LearnCore page. 
IT team said no way; what's next? 
- Connect with your Account Strategist to activate "compatibility mode"
- Convert all documents to PDF
- Re-upload PDF's with compatibility mode checked on
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