10.23.15 Product Updates

Please find more information on this week's product updates below:

New Pitch Type!

The new "Audio Only" pitch type allows user to submit audio recordings for feedback and review. Great for evaluating performance of sales teams that interact primarily on the phone. The removal of the video aspect allows you to focus on tone and voice when providing good feedback. 

User Management

Admins are now able to edit user names and email addresses. Email modification is restricted only to users without SAML SSO and that only belong to one account. 


Many of the reporting pages have now undergone a dramatic increase in loading time. We have also updated a few metrics to add more value to your training performance. Test scores are now the average of tests taken (not accounting for those tests that have not been completed). A new stat of completed/assigned will help better evaluate adoption.

Changes to the Overview tab of Reporting are highlighted below: 

  • Users 
    • % of Verified (Registered) Users
    • Average Test/Pitch IQ Score 
  • Pitch IQ 
    • Average Pitch IQ Score
    • % of Pitches Submitted (Submitted/Assigned) 

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to your Account Strategist. 

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