How Can I Automate Course and Group Assignment?

Save time by Automating processes in LearnCore. Our recently updated automation functionality allows you to assign multiple courses to a group, organize courses within a curriculum, and send automatic reminders. This will help save you time – allowing you to focus on course creation and roll-out. Our Automation features include:

Course Assignment – Add multiple groups or full categories to a course all at once. Quickly assign a course to your full organization at one time.

Curriculum Management – Organize courses within a curriculum by setting a sort order, helping your Learners easily navigate through their coursework.

Curriculum Assignment – Assign user groups or categories to a full curriculum and set a curriculum due date. Organize your training at large in Curriculum Assignment.

Group Assignment – Bulk assign courses to a single group. Rather than popping into each course individually to add, simply drag and drop courses in Group Assignment. 

Simply go to your Admin Dashboard home page and select "Automation" to access the features. 

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