10.19.15 Product Roadmap Update

We are excited to share an update on our product roadmap! While you have received the news that we will be updating our Dashboard design and Reporting capabilities (targeting EOY), we also wanted to share with you some other items you can look forward to rolling live in the coming months!

Pitch IQ

  • Tracking number of record attempts - This will help to understand how much work your Learners are putting into their pitches. 
  • Tracking number of pitch views - Pitch views will include how many times a Learner has studied other people's pitch responses and how many people have viewed theirs. By understanding pitch views, you can determine who is studying top performers in the platform. 
  • New pitch type - Audio only voice-over will help those of you who focus on voice-only interactions. The new pitch type will allow you to focus more on Learner tone of voice and prepare them for their next cold call. 


A new, sleek design is in the making. Stay tuned for updates from your Account Strategist. Below is a sneak peek of a mock-up of the end result (Please note: items in the mock-up will likely change in end result).


We are rebuilding reporting from the ground up! While the current stats will still be available in the platform, we will be focusing on surfacing insights and metrics that will help you better measure ROI. Get ready for an easier, intuitive, more robust Reporting.  

User + Group Management

Hierarchy based user management and user groups - more to come.

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to your Account Strategist via phone, email, or on your next status call! 



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