Can I Assign Course Creation Tasks to a Subject Matter Expert?

The Subject Matter Expert option allows you to leverage your experts on a topic and have them create or upload content directly in the LearnCore platform. Find the SME work flow outlined below. 

SME Set Up and Assignment

In Course Creation - Step 1, click the “Add SME” button of a module. Select the Learner who can best help build out that module. Once finished with Step 1, click "Save and Continue" at the bottom of the page. 





Now that your SME is assigned to the module, leave specific instructions on how to complete the module and assign a due date. Once finished, you can email your SME.

Pro-tip: Provide helper text in the Section and Lesson titles so the SME knows exactly how to execute.


Remember to always hit "Save" or "Save and Continue" down at the bottom of the page. 


After your SME has been assigned, a special SME Task filter will show up on the SME's Learner dashboard. Assigned SME’s will also receive an email announcing their new to-do. SME’s will click the course tile and be transferred to the SME portal.



Within the assigned course, SME’s will be limited to the Course Creation pages they have been assigned to. They will see your instructions to build the course. Once comfortable with the course they created, the SME will submit it back to the Course Admin to accept/ reject.


After the course has been submitted for approval, the Course Admin can either accept or request further revisions before ultimately Publishing the course to the desired group of Learners.



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