7.7.15 Platform Updates

The following new LearnCore feature was rolled live this week. Please read below for more information.

Automation: Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management allows you to organize courses within a Curriculum by establishing a sort order. In addition, Admins are able to build out Curriculum and assign a publish date. This way, Admins can build out coursework ahead of time and stay on top of their organization's course schedule and training initiatives. 

Step 1: Select an existing Curriculum or create a new one.

Step 2: Drag and drop courses into the Curriculum. Adjust the order of the courses as desired. The Learner will see the courses within the Curriculum based on the order you have set. If a course has been published, you can move on to the next course, if the course is “In Development” add a publish date.


Step 3: Choose a fixed due date on the Automation page or go into Course Creation Step 6.



Course Creation Step 6:

If a course is being published for the first time, the Admin can choose to set an automatic publish date. They can pre-draft the invitation emails and those will go out the day the course is live.




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