9.30.15 Salesforce App

The LearnCore Salesforce App

We are excited to announce the release of our Salesforce native app! Please find more information below regarding features and functionality. 

How It Works

Your Admins and Managers will assign a LearnCore course based on Salesforce data in Opportunities. If a Pitch IQ course is applied to a rule, the app will display the Leaderboard of the course - providing "just-in-time" learning and examples. If a Learn + Test course is applied to a rule, you will be routed to the course in the LearnCore tab. 

You can see how other top performers overcame similar challenges and progressed in similar situations. 

View and get on-demand support from the best people in your company. 

Compete for the top spots on the Leaderboard and send in your recommendations for additional practice pitches. 


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