Using LearnCore for New Hire Evaluation

 -- A Recipe for Success --

Hiring is risky and difficult. Hiring the wrong employee can affect the culture of your work environment and impact your bottom line. If hiring is not carried out effectively, it’s not uncommon for new hires to last less than 90 days in an organization. Use LearnCore to help evaluate new hire candidates and improve your recruiting process.

Roles and Users:

  • Hiring Managers – Give Hiring Managers the Admin permission level within the platform. Hiring Managers will be able to create the New Hire courses and review reporting stats and Pitch performance.
  • Candidate’s Direct Manager – The Candidate’s Direct Manager should be added to the course’s PIQ Admin Panel (If not already in the platform, add to LearnCore and assign the Manager Admin permission level). The Direct Manager will be able to evaluate Pitches and see Candidate reporting.
  • Candidate – Set Candidates as Learners in LearnCore. Assign the Learners to the New Hire evaluation coursework.



LearnCore Setup:

1. In User Management, add Candidates into a New Hire group. If there are a lot of potential New Hires, separate by functional role, geography, hire date, or evaluating manager.

2. Create courses using pre and post interview content, videos, homework, downloads, tests, surveys, and Pitch IQ’s as needed to evaluate Candidates. Place courses into the proper Curriculums to best organize learning.

Pro-tip: Disable Peer Collaboration by setting the toggles in Course Creation - Step 1 to “No”. In Step 4 - Pitch IQ Settings, turn off the Leaderboard and ensure Peer Reviews are set to 0. This will ensure confidentiality between the Candidate and the Hiring Manager.

3. Assign Candidate groups to the desired courses.


The Audition:

1. Based on your course set up, Candidates audition for the role. Evaluation Managers see Candidates as if they were “on stage” rather than talking in interview sound bites. Pitch IQ scenarios will allow Managers to evaluate Candidates’ soft skills before even stepping foot in the office.

Example scenarios below:


               Culture Fits                          Presentation Skills                         Writing         



2. After the decisions have been made, be sure to remove Candidates from LearnCore.


Happy Recruiting!


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