6.5.15 Platform Updates

The following 3 new LearnCore features were rolled live this week. Please read below for more information.

1.) Learner- Video Download

2.) Pitch IQ- Learner PDF Deck Upload

3.) Reporting Admin/Manager- Course Preview


  • Learner- Video Download

In addition to Word Docs, PowerPoints and PDFs, Learners can now download videos in the Learn section.  If your account has Pitch IQ, Learners can also download peers’ pitches.  This option is set on the course level in Step 1 in Course Creation (used to be in Step 2).  Please follow the process below:

a.) From the Admin side, toggle “Enable downloading of Pitches and Lesson videos” in Step 1 in Course Creation.



b.) Once the course is published, Learners can download a video in the Learn section by right clicking within the video and selecting “Download Video”.

Note: If video is an embedded video such as YouTube or Vimeo, Learners will not be able to download.  This is because download rights are set by the original host site. 


c.) If Learners are in Pitch IQ and would like to download a peers’ video (or their own), they simply right click within the video box and select “Download Video”.



  • Pitch IQ- Learner Deck Upload

Learners are now able to upload their own pdf slide deck to present in Pitch IQ voice over. Pitch IQ options now include voice over (admin provided deck), voice over (Learner uploaded deck), webcam video, and write.

a.) To set up the Learner deck upload voice over, switch the Learner Toggle to “Yes” in Step 4 – Pitch IQ of Course Creation.



b.) Learners will be able to upload their own pdf when recording and have the option to change the pdf at any time.




  • Reporting Admin/Manager – Course Preview

In addition to reviewing pitches and viewing reporting, Reporting Admins and Managers can now preview courses by clicking within the course tile. This way, Reporting Admins and Managers can view the content Learners have access to.



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