What Are Some of LearnCore's Best Practices for Pitch IQ?

  1. Go from fun to serious: Start with fun questions so people can get their feet wet without pressure.
  2. Measuring: To track Pitch IQ progress over time, re-assign the same Pitch every 4-6 weeks and see how each learner’s scores change.
  3. Highlight Top Performers: Publically celebrate your top performers with a shout out in your internal newsletter or next team meeting.
  4. Motivate performance through Competition: If it’s within your company culture, Motivate your team through incentives. “Who can Pitch better than [the ceo]?” Win a $5 Starbucks gift card.
  5. Get samples out: Help inspire Pitch IQ’s by having Top Performers record sample videos in Learn section. Keep it between 1 and 3 samples.
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