What Are Some Different Examples of Initiatives for LearnCore?

Fun Starter Questions:

  • Good or bad, what was your craziest Customer Experience in your career?
  • Recruit your best friend to come work at your company.
  • Explain why your favorite sports team is better than your rivals.
  • Who are the three people in history (living or dead) you would like to have 
dinner with? Why?
  • Why is [The Lion King] the best or worst [movie] of all-time?
  • Tell me what the world will look like in year 3000.

Company Culture

  • Tell us your story and why are you working here?
  • Who is the company CEO and ask him/her one question.
  • Recruit your best friend to come work for the company.
  • Say Thank You to someone you couldn’t live without at work. 

Onboarding New Hires:

  • What is the company mission and explain how your role drives it forward?
  • You are at a networking event and speaking with someone who is unfamiliar with our company. Please introduce yourself, the company, and explain what we do as a business.
  • Tell us why you joined the team and what you are looking to do. 

Sales Product Knowledge:

  • What are the main differentiators between our product and our competitors?
  • A prospect expressed that [reporting] is important to them. Tell them why our company has the right [reporting] solution.
  • Compare the advantages of this year’s product vs last, and why someone 
should upgrade models.
  • How do you build an ROI on this? 

Customer Challenges and Objections:

Best when paired with a hypothetical situation and Top Performer’s answer in the Learn section

  • Great solution, but I can’t afford that.
  • I’ll have to ask my boss before the decision gets made.
  • I’m too busy to take on a new project, call next month.
  • I’m just fine with my current set up.
  • We don’t need something like what you are offering.
  • Can you send me an email on about?
  • You caught me a bad time. Can you call back later? 

Cold Calling:

Best when paired with a hypothetical situation and Top Performer’s answer in the Learn section

  • Give me your best cold call to [insert buyer persona].
  • Leave your best [first/follow up, etc] voicemail 

Sales Skills:

Best when paired with a hypothetical situation and Top Performer’s answer in the Learn section

  • Explain how you install the need for our company’s solution.
  • A prospect is taking a long time to return the contract, but the quarter is over 
in three days. Tell us how you wouldn’t let this deal slip to the next quarter.

Leadership & Management Giving Feedback:

  • How do you give feedback to an employee who has not been able to submit a critical report on time?
  • How do you handle the sensitive conversation of denying Mike, a high performing employee requesting a raise - but needs to improve his communication skills?
  • For an employee, Jeanne, who started off as a strong employee but over the past 2 months has consistently been late with deadlines and poor at communication, how do you introduce setting her up on a performance plan?

Leadership & Management Scenarios:

  • An employee is going through a serious personal issue (a divorce) that is effecting their work performance. How do you set up the meeting, what do you say during it and how do you
  • Compensation: How do you handle the scenario when an employee that thinks they are high valued than their peers finds out that they are making less money than them?

Out of ideas? Poll your team:

  • What Pitch IQ should we be asking? Then based on the scores and feedback, make the most popular ones next in line.
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