How Do I Publish a Project for LMS with Articulate?

Step 1:

  • Enter the Title, Description, and Folder Location
  • When selecting the Publish button, a publish window will appear, select the “LMS” tab.


  • Check the text that appears in the Title field, and customize it if you like.
  • The folder that Storyline creates to contain your published output.
  • The browser title bar, when learners view your published course in a browser window.
  • Important!Always publish to a local drive on your computer. Publishing to a network drive or a USB drive can create problems with your published output. After you publish your course to a local folder, you can upload the output to your LMS to test it.

Step 2: Publishing for HTML 5

  • Include HTML5 output: This prepares your course so that it's viewable as HTML5 content if a learner doesn't have the Flash player and they view your course in an HTML5-compatible browser. Keep in mind that not all browsers handle HTML5 content equally. . This articleidentifies which browsers your learners should use if they need to view your course as HTML5 content.


Step 3: Quality Settings

  • The Properties section of the Publish window is where you can make any last-minute changes to your course player, or change the compression settings Storyline uses when publishing.


Step 4: Choose your tracking and reporting preferences

  • Click the Reporting tab on the left edge of the window, and use the LMS selector to choose SCORM 1.2


  • Complete the fields in the section called LMS Course Information and the section called LMS Lesson SCORM Information if it appears.

*If you need Reporting to tie back to your HRMS system, please contact your Account Strategist as custom integration will need to be implemented.

Step 5: Publish

  • When you're finished choosing your options on the Publish window, just click the Publish button 


  • Download the zip file to your desktop/laptop
  • Upload the zip file to LearnCore and distribute the course to the Learner. 


*If you have trouble uploading your Storyline file, please contact

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