How Do I Use the Smart Due Dates Feature? (Rolling Due Dates)

Smart Due Dates, or sometimes called Rolling Due Dates, are a way for Admins to easily schedule a due date to a group that frequently has Learners coming in and out of it. We've seen this particularly useful for onboarding, and customer training.

Here's how it works: Just pick the Day interval you want for the learner to have before the course is deemed overdue. For example, if you pick "+15", that means each Learner will have 15 days to complete the course from the day they were assigned. (Calendar days, not business days). Essentially, this feature associates the due date to the individual, not the group. 

How we do it: LearnCore is quickly growing our Account Management team; so here is how we have our Smart Due Dates Set Up: In user Management we created a single group called, "Account Management Onboarding." We then added a Smart Due Date of "+7" for each course this group was assigned to. Each month, we add new employees and remove the Learners who've completed the curriculum. This way all the coursework will be consistent, and we can simply move people in and out of the group as needed.

Note that this feature is only available for upgraded accounts with custom branding.


Admin -> Course Creation/Edit -> Step 5 Assign Groups

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