6.15.2017 Platform Updates

Check out the latest platform updates below! Reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist or support@learncore.com for additional information. 

Salesforce App Upgrades

The Salesforce App is a fantastic way to capture the ROI for your team's learning initiatives.  That said, in order to improve the ROI factor, we have added some requested features to the Reporting element of the App.
Reporting on Users at an Individual Course Level
Previously, integration LearnCore Reporting into Salesforce limits the data to bringing in the User level information.  This includes aggregate data about the user (Courses Completed, Avg Test Score, etc.).  While this helps clients associate success with use of LearnCore, it doesn’t allow them to associate courses with those sales.  
With this update, Salesforce users will be able to bring in data from the Course & User Report within LearnCore.  This will allow them to measure the success of a particular user within a particular course and compare success in that course with the success of the opportunity. 
Reporting on Admins & Managers within Salesforce
In addition to the above, we’ve also added the ability to report on Admins & Mangers within Salesforce.  This allows our users to see how a manger is performing and compare that to the opportunities that their team manages.  
For more information on how to install, please reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist or support@learncore.com.
Viewing All Pitch Feedback: With this update, panelists will be able to view feedback from all other panelists directly in the platform in order to ensure effective coaching is consistent and relevant. Panelists will now be able to see a full view of their learner’s progress without needing to leave the app.
Google Calendar integration with Live Training: Learners who are attending Live Trainings want to easily be able to add these events to their calendars so that they do not miss important sessions. With this integration, LearnCore will connect to Google’s calendar API to create the event directly in their the calendar with no files to import.  Users who click Add to Calendar will see a drop down with their calendar options, allowing them to select Google Calendar.  Once they select this, the event will be sent directly to their calendar.



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