6.1.2017 Platform Updates

Check the latest platform updates below and feel free to reach out to your Client Strategist or support@learncore.com if you have any questions.



SCORM Reporting: Now, the Learner progress and completion of SCORM content within the reporting section of LearnCore is pulled directly and updated from the SCORM API. You can enable this feature by designating a course as a SCORM course in step 1 of course creation and uploading your SCORM package in step 2 of course creation. 





Mobile Manager Update: The Mobile Manager app update is available to any LearnCore manager or admin so they are a great way to get all your training and coaching needs done on the go.  Now available on iPhone and will also soon be available on Android devices. Team Leaders can watch pitches and coach their team from anywhere, keep learning top of mind for your team by finding users who have yet to submit their pitches and remind them directly from the app, and confirm excellence by accessing all pitches from the app including recently scored, top scored, and reassess pitches if necessary.

Downloading the App

Visit either app store on your iPhone device and search for the free LearnCore app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all of your team’s pitches will be available on your phone.

Logging in and the Manager Dashboard

You will log in to LearnCore using the existing username and password you created when first signing in to LearnCore web application. Then, you will be taken to the Manager Dashboard, which will list pitches awaiting your review, incomplete pitches, and your recently reviewed pitches.





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