Add Visualizations

When viewing information within your newly crafted report, you may want to dive deeper into certain data sets for a particular row. This data can be graphically represented by adding visualizations.


To add visualizations to your report:

  1. Click on the row that you wish to see a visualization for.
  2. In the top will appear the available menu options for the selected row


    3. Click the Screen_Shot_2017-05-16_at_14.38.15.png icon.

    4. Depending on the row selected, a drop down will appear with the available visualization options.  


    5. Select the visualization you would like to see. A new visualization will drop-down as shown below:


Pitch IQ Comparison



Changing the visualization information:


You can also easily update the subject of the visualization so that you can quickly see difference in statistics.


To do this, simply select another row and the visualization will update.


Removing the Visualization:


To see the full table view again, you will want to remove the visualization.  This can be done in two ways.


  1. Click on the row that is current highlighted.  
  2. Click on the visualization icon again, and select the highlighted option from the dropdown which indicates the visualization that you are currently viewing.

For any additional questions, please email or contact your Client Strategist.

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