Filtering Reports

Although the New Reporting Feature for Learncore gives you all the data you need to see how your organization is learning, not all of it is necessary for your current situation. This is where Filtering makes life easier. Filtering allows you to see only the data you want when you want.

The filtering feature is denoted by the Filter_Icon.pngicon found in the top left of the menu options bar as shown below:


Click the Filter_Icon.png icon. A toolbar will appear as shown below:


To add a filter:

  1. Open the filter toolbar by clicking the Filter_Icon.pngicon.
  2. Select the column you wish to filter by clicking the select column field.  Choose the column you would like from the drop down.


     3.Your selected column will be added to the filter and a filter selector and you now have the option to change the operator


      4.Click the field to the right of the column field to change the operator. A drop-down menu will appear as shown below:


       5. Enter the value you want to filter by in the last field.


       6. To add more filters, click Add_Filter.png.

       7.When you are ready to apply the filters, click Apply.png in the bottom right.


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