Sorting Columns

Sorting columns in your report allows you to see your data just the way you want it. Whether alphabetical, numerical, ascending, or descending, sorting data gives you the insights you need in just the way you intended.

Sorting any Column

To sort a column:

  1. Click on the column header you would like to sort within your report.
  2. A drop down menu will appear.  Click “Sort By.”


Sort Direction

LearnCore Reporting allows you to sort both ascending and descending.

To change the way your columns sort:

To change the way your columns sort:

  1. In the Report Options Menu, click the Screen_Shot_2017-05-11_at_12.14.47.png icon next to the column that is currently sorted. Your column will sort in the opposite direction. The icon will change to Screen_Shot_2017-05-11_at_13.20.36.pngreflecting the new direction of your sort.
  2. You can also change the sort direction by clicking the Column Header of the currently sorted column and click Sort By.

Sorted Columns

You will always know which column is currently sorted in your report because this column header will be a different color from the rest of the column headers as shown below:


You can also find which column is currently sorted in the columns list. The sorted column is denoted by the Screen_Shot_2017-05-11_at_12.14.47.png icon as shown below:



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