COMING SOON: Checklists & Course Dashboard Refresh for Learners and Admins

Course Dashboard Refresh:

LearnCore is improving its course dashboard for both Learners and Admins to simplify the experience and make it easier for your learners to find the right course. There will be a new filtering and search capability along with a modern experience to make sure you can find what you are looking for.





Learning happens online, offline, during day-to-day activities and beyond. With Checklists, you will be able to incorporate live tasks along with LearnCore courses to improve certifications, onboarding, and your team's learning goals. Everything will be tracked for you to see. This will help your team view all the items including online learning and offline activities to achieve a goal. 



Here are some examples and use cases that Checklists can be used for:

  • Onboarding: Ensure new hires complete all necessary steps (online or offline) to be ramped up.
    • 1) Company overview and story (LearnCore Course)
    • 2) Practice the company message (LearnCore Pitch IQ)  
    • 3) Turn in your registration forms (Checklist task)
    • 4) Product training 101 (LearnCore Course)
  • Certifications: Confirm that your team has achieved success at every step within the certification process.
    • 1) Product training 101 (LearnCore Course)
    • 2) Communicating the product value (LearnCore Pitch IQ)
    • 3) Send a 1 pager explaining the product to your manager (Checklist task)
    • 4) Present a product demo for your internal team. (Checklist task)
  • Weekly Checklists: Make sure that your team completes all the necessary tasks before the end of the week:
    • 1) Complete weekly objection (LearnCore Course)
    • 2) Send 3 at risk opportunities to manager (Checklist task)
    • 3) Find 30 new prospects (Checklist task)
    • 4) Finish product certification (LearnCore Pitch IQ)

Stay tuned for more information on the release of Checklists in addition to the new course dashboard refresh for Admins and Learners. 

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