Unhiding Flash Content From Google Chrome

For some Google Chrome users, the Adobe Flash Plugin is being hidden from the browser which prevents Pitch IQ from loading. Our development team is actively working on a solution to this issue. In the meantime, users can adjust their settings to resolve this. 



You will know you have run into this issue when you see this symbol in the top right of your browser: 


If you see this: 

1. Copy this link and enter it into your browser: chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash. You will land on this page:


2. At the top of the page under Prefer HTML over Flash, click the menu where it says Default. A drop down menu will appear.

Select Disabled as shown below:


3. You will then be prompted to reload your browser at the bottom of the screen as shown below. Click Relaunch Now.


After your browser relaunches, Pitch IQ will reload and you will be able to record your pitch or content.


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