Course Rollout Best Practices

Course Roll-Out Best Practices

Rolling out new LearnCore courses to get the highest return

Routine course roll out leads to higher course adoption and keeps training top of mind. There are multiple events within a company that act as cues for creating new courses. Rolling courses out in a routine fashion helps set expectations and keeps training up-to-date. Below are some example of course roll out cues. 

Engagement equation: Recurring Event = Cue’s to trigger new LearnCore Courses


Suggested Course Roll-Out Cues:

  • Weekly Team Meetings: Mention of LearnCore in team meetings will keep the platform top of mind and encourage Learners to log into the platform. Load in content covered at the meeting or use the course as meeting prep material. Use LearnCore to upload a video of the meeting for anyone who may have missed it. Review the meeting material by including a test module.


  • Sales Manager Calls: Keep your sales team ready by assigning routine courses to evaluate their pitch execution and messaging. Introduce a pitch course on sales manager calls and present top performers in the next meeting. Continuous evaluation of pitch performance will keep your sales force on track and on top of their game.


  • New Product Roll-Outs: When your company releases a new product or feature, roll out a course to make sure everyone is on the same page and has a good understanding of the new item.


  • Regular Company Alignment: Keep your employees aligned on company values, mission, and goals. Weekly or monthly courses presenting company progress and future plans will keep employees on track and moving in the right direction. Include these updates in courses and associate a test or survey to track what employees are doing to keep your company’s vision moving forward.


  • New Company Messaging: If your messaging changes, ensure consistency across the company by assigning new courses. Company updates can be communicated and expanded upon in coursework. Have your employees practice new messagining using Pitch IQ or evaluate their understanding by assigning supplementary material and a test.


  • Post-Meeting Comprehension: Courses containing test modules are good follow-ups to important meetings. Use LearnCore to assess comprehension of meeting material. Include meeting material in a course for Learners to use as reference or assign a test to ensure Learners were paying attention and have a clear understanding of what was presented.


  • Vendor Knowledge: Test your employees’ knowledge of each of the vendors you work with. After a vendor meeting or presentation, roll out a new course. By putting vendor information in LearnCore, employees will start to have a robust understanding of vender options and make better decisions when putting plans together with vendor partners.


  • Weekly Win/Loss Analysis: Communicate strategies that lead to company wins and develop skills to overcome loss scenarios within the LearnCore platform. Turn your win/loss meeting notes into course material to make sure your team is well-equipped for the sales market.


  • Difficult Client Situations: For each difficult client call that comes up, roll out a course to the entire team. See how each member would respond to the scenario and help prepare them for future challenging situations.
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