User Management : Best Practices : User Permission - Managers

Managers can be assigned to multiple teams depending on their position within the organization, and the level of responsibility you want to give them.  Managers are usually team leaders or sales managers within your organization that are responsible for a small team of sales reps.

When providing someone with Manager access, you will need to assign them to a group or multiple groups depending on their role and who reports to them.  When choosing the groups to assign them to, click on the blue Manager button under the Permissions column next to their name in User Management.  You will get a pop up window that includes a text box where you can add the groups you want to assign this Manager to.


Add all the groups you want this Manager to be assigned to for Reporting & Pitch IQ feedback purposes, and click Save.  That Manager will now be able to see, and will be responsible for, all reporting data, test scores and Pitch IQs submitted by Learners in those groups.

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