User Management : Permissions

By clicking on the box containing the permission level for a user, you’re able to change their permission level to one of 5 presets, or provide them with Custom Access.

When changing the permission level for a user, the Access list on the right hand side will show which areas this user will and will not have access to.  A crossed out field in red indicates the user no longer has access to this section of the platform, a tick next to a green field indicates the new area of the platform this user has access to, and the fields in black indicate no change of access for this user in these areas.


Along with the 5 preset permission levels – Admin, Reporting Admin, Content Admin, Manager and Learner – you can also provide a user with Custom Admin access.  Click on the circular check box next to Custom Admin, and then select the different areas of LearnCore you’d like this user to have access to.



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