User Management : User Details

After adding your users to LearnCore, there are several details and actions available for each user.


The check box next to each user allows for bulk actions, accessed in the actions link next to the search bar above the user list.


  • Export All Users – this is not related to the users you select with the check box, but will allow you to download a CSV file containing all details for each user, including permission levels and group assignment.
  • Assign Selected – this option give you the ability to add multiple users at a time to a group.
  • Resend Invitations – choosing this option will resend the invitation email to the selected users with the instructions to access LearnCore
  • Remove Selected – this will allow you to completely remove multiple users from LearnCore.


Each column in User Management is sortable by clicking on the column header.  This will allow you to easily see user details sorted by name, email address, permission level or invite status.

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