Manager Pitch IQ Scoring

Managers:  How to Review and Score Pitches       

1.)  Login into LearnCore as a Manager    (    

Note:  If you login as a Learner, click “Learner” in the upper right-­‐hand corner of the main dashboard and    a drop will appear that allows you to switch over.       

2.)    Once logged in as a Manager, you will be notified of your pitch reviews in a number of areas: notification shield, curriculum folder and course tile. 


3.) On the course tile, the bottom bar, “Admin Reviews Required” will be highlighted in red when you have pitches to review within the course.  Click this bar to be taken to Pitch IQ Management, which is where you will begin the scoring process.   


4.) “Your Reviews” will display all the pitches you have been asked to score.  These are broken down into individual user thumbnails.  Those users who have submitted and are awaiting feedback will be highlighted in blue and those who have yet to score will be highlighted in red. 


5.) To start the review process, click the thumbnail and watch the pitch. Once the pitch has been watched in full, leave both qualitative and quantitative feedback.  Qualitative feedback can be provided within the “positive feedback” and constructive feedback” text boxes. For quantitative feedback, move the toggles from left to right on each of 5 scoring categories. Once all 5 have been scored, click “Submit”.  


6.) As more users from your group submit their pitches, you will continued to be notified through the notification shield, curriculum folder and course tiles.               

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